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Robert Belford

I have another question on best practices, but there is something that bothers me.

When you right click on a header in the table of contents and "copy link address",  it goes to that section, but starts below the header.

Why is that?  It is just so useful to link between sections of different chapters (or even books), like referencing a section in gen chem 1 that we need in gen chem 2, and it would be nice if when the student gets there, they see the title of that section.  But they have to scroll up the page one notch to see it, which really bothers me.

Am I doing this wrong?  (I don't want to have to insert bookmarks, as that is real time consuming)


Dr. Robert E. Belford
UALR Department of Chemistry
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Delmar Larsen

This is an issue we found several years ago and brought to Mindtouch's attention. It was added to their queue. I poked them about the status of this and to see if we can make an easy kludge. Stay tiuned.

Delmar Larsen

Henry worked up a solution that solves this. There is a little more fine tuning needed for the hyperlinks for mathjax equations (they still suffer from this), but Henry's solution may be extended to that system.