Audiobook or podcast OER platform? #accessibility #Resources

Anna Mills

I have audio files for each page of my book and love the built-in audio player template so readers can press play from the top of any page (see sample). I used Natural Readers software to make synthetic voice audio recordings of each page of my book. There is a free version, but it was $99/month for the commercial version, which they made me get even for nonprofit production). If anyone has tried other approaches to audio production on LibreTexts, let me know!

Question: What is the best way to make an audio home page for my book--something like a table of contents with an audio play button next to each page?
Should I upload all the mp3 files to a podcast platform?  Or an audiobook platform? Or could this be added in to a LibreTexts TOC, perhaps on Commons?

I could build a TOC manually as a book page and manually link to each file or include an audio player at the end of each TOC line, but that seems too clunky and would need constant manual updating.

Thanks for any ideas!