How to create a redirect #remix

Anna Mills

It worked!  It also removed the original page from the original chapter hierarchy as I hoped it would.  Here's the code I used, after decoding the URL: 

#REDIRECT [[Bookshelves/Composition/Advanced_Composition/Book:_How_Arguments_Work_-_A_Guide_to_Writing_and_Analyzing_Texts_in_College_(Mills)/12:_Essay_Organization_(Draft)/12.07:_Conclusions]]


Delmar Larsen

Yes. We can make it via a graphical interface, but it is a rarely used feature so not worth the effort.

On Sun, Sep 26, 2021, 12:30 PM Anna Mills <amills@...> wrote:
Yes!  I didn't know we could do it through the HTML. Thanks, I will try that.

Anna Mills

Yes!  I didn't know we could do it through the HTML. Thanks, I will try that.

Delmar Larsen

I think you are talking about making a manual redirect so that traffic to one pages goes to the other (and effectively that page disappears from all views).

If the redirect doesn't work. Then it is likely you need to decode the URL using this page:

Does this help?

Anna Mills

Is there any way to delete a page but create a redirect to another existing page? I used the remixer to coy-fork some pages into different chapters.  Probably I should have just moved them, and that would have created the redirects automatically.  However, at the time I was thinking that I didn't want to disrupt the existing chapter until the new one was done.

So now I have two versions of the same page in different chapters of my book.  There are links to the old location in Canvas shells, so a redirect would be really helpful when I get rid of the old location.  If there's no way to do that I suppose I could copy and paste the new section content back into the old section and then move the old section to the new location using the remixer and delete the new section.  But that would mean people with the previous link to the new page wouldn't find it.  This is getting seriously convoluted!

Here's what I want to happen:
7.1 Introductions should redirect to 12.6 Introductions
7.6: Connecting One Idea to the Next should redirect to 12.2: Showing How a New Idea Fits in (Transitions)
7.7: The Revision Process should redirect to 11.6: Revision
7.8Tips for Paraphrasing and Quoting should redirect to 12.5 Quoting and Paraphrasing
7.9 Conclusions should redirect to 12.7 Conclusions

Thanks for any advice!