Referencing internal objects #referencing #mathjax

L. Glen

I always do this: I'm reading your response more carefully now and I think it is exactly what I need. Thanks.

L. Glen

Thanks Delmar, it might.
Does this only work on the same page as the referenced item or can I reference a different page in the book this way?
As to your other comment, if "pure" HTML will do the job, I'd be happy using that, but gain, I want to be able to reference other pages in the book.
Many thanks!

Delmar Larsen

Try \(\PageIndex{1}\)

This creates a number that is a concatenation of the title number and the number in the argument.

for example. It a page is title "1.3: The Days of My Life"

and you have "in Example \(\PageIndex{4}\), we show..." in the page it will look (in view mode) like

in Example 1.3.4, we show.."

It isn't a hot like like the \ref and \label pair for equations, but we are looking into it (a mathjax limitation).

Does this work for you?

L. Glen

Hi all - newbie here...
I'm trying to write, on one page that "in Example N.N.N..." (where that Example is on a different page.

Is there a way to link to that example internally? I'm thinking that if either the page containing the example or the page referring to it gets moved, a static reference could easily be lost; in addition, a hotlink option would be ideal for someone wanting to refresh their memory.

Many thanks!