Referencing internal objects #mathjax #referencing

L. Glen

Hi all - newbie here...
I'm trying to write, on one page that "in Example N.N.N..." (where that Example is on a different page.

Is there a way to link to that example internally? I'm thinking that if either the page containing the example or the page referring to it gets moved, a static reference could easily be lost; in addition, a hotlink option would be ideal for someone wanting to refresh their memory.

Many thanks!

Delmar Larsen

Try \(\PageIndex{1}\)

This creates a number that is a concatenation of the title number and the number in the argument.

for example. It a page is title "1.3: The Days of My Life"

and you have "in Example \(\PageIndex{4}\), we show..." in the page it will look (in view mode) like

in Example 1.3.4, we show.."

It isn't a hot like like the \ref and \label pair for equations, but we are looking into it (a mathjax limitation).

Does this work for you?

L. Glen

Thanks Delmar, it might.
Does this only work on the same page as the referenced item or can I reference a different page in the book this way?
As to your other comment, if "pure" HTML will do the job, I'd be happy using that, but gain, I want to be able to reference other pages in the book.
Many thanks!

L. Glen

I always do this: I'm reading your response more carefully now and I think it is exactly what I need. Thanks.