Multiple back browser button steps required

Mark Baillie

Hi yall,

I am remixing a page that seems to have an issue, which only appears on certain computers. 

The issue is that when you click on a link, it seems to take you there 2 to 4 times. Here is what I see once I get to the page and right click on the “back” button in my browser for the one that seems to have taken you to Inclusivity 4 times!:

See how it shows the same site for the first 3 back options (that is the site I am currently on). On my browser (chrome on a MacBook Pro), it understands that these are duplicates and hence it sends me back 4 layers there to get back to the actual previous page. However, a colleague of mine has a PC running chrome, and her back browser button takes her back one step, and ends at the same page she is currently on. She has to go back 4 times to actually go back.

This is occurring for some of the pages we have, but not all of them.

Here are the trouble pages:

This is true on all clones we made from this parent site, which also has the same issue for the same 3 pages within it:

Any idea why it is creating these extra steps, and how to get rid of it? We are planning on making another 8 clones of this parent site, so hopefully we can remedy it before doing that.


Mark Baillie, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry, Assistant Professor 
STEM Education Center, STRIVE Program Director
University of Arkansas at Little Rock