Table Accessibility #accessibility

Grewal, Mandeep

Yes, got it. Why didn't I think of the right click? 
Thank you, Delmar. 

Delmar Larsen

Right click on the table for its properties. You will find the answer in there. If you still need assistance, I will address tomorrow.

Grewal, Mandeep

Hello, I have created a table in the Cardiovascular system section. Table 1 was already there; I inserted table 2. I cannot create the top row looking like the top row of table 1. I am also worried that all tables have regular text in the row and column headers. Shouldn't they be special headers like we create in the word document and the Canvas rich textbox? Also, I cannot find the alt text option for the tables. Could you direct me to a resource where I can learn more about Libretext tables? 
Thank you,