Brace Symbol Covering Several Lines of Equations #Equations #mathjax

Lapon Visitvoranat

How can I place a brace symbol on the right covering several lines of equations?
I tried using \begin{cases} and \end{cases} but that adds the brace symbol on the left. 
I changed it to \begin{rcases} and \end{rcases} but that didn't work at all. 

An example of this problem can be seen in the attachment.


This post had a solution that worked when I tested it:

You can use something like this:
x \\
\end{array} \right\} \Rightarrow z

And you'll get something like this:

Apparently using "\left." and "\right\}" together lets you leave the left side blank.

Lapon Visitvoranat

That worked perfectly! Thank you very much!