How do I....


Good Morning,

I have a couple of books in my Sandbox that I am working on as part of a project. Is it possible to get a Common Cartridge for download of an incomplete book? I need another member of my team to have access to the common cartridge to work on the Canvas side as I continue work on the LibreTexts side. 

I guess that brings up the broader question of what exactly is the process to get the book tinto the Download area, does it just need to reside in my Bookshelves or Courses folder?? Then an automated process does whatever it needs to do?

I am making some changes to one of the texts and want to use it for a summer course that begins July 6th. I just want to make sure I have enough time to download it and get it into Canvas and do what I need to do there before July 5th.

Pat McClanahan