Regarding assessment creation in LibreTexts


So if I look at:

I see an agenda, homework, and worksheets. How do these show up in Canvas if I import the Common Cartridge for this course? Does homework get imported as Canvas Assignments?? Can I create quizzes in LibreTexts that get imported into Canvas Quizzes??


Delmar Larsen <dlarsen@...>

Currently the Common Cartridge output for LMS is set up for the text part and not the rest of the Course Shell. There is no limitation in our current organization to using the full shell. I am unsure how it would look though since Common Cartridge has a two level heirarchy and a different approach is needed. We are working on that for a different K12 project though, so things will change soon.

Importing Quizing may be more complicated depending which system we use. Stay tuned on that.