issue with in LibreText

Robert Belford

Hi All,  
I am having an issue reading annotations at the bottom of chapter landing pages, 
 the code I am using is this and the scroll bar does not work.  
<p><iframe frameborder="1" height="400px" scrolling="yes" src=";" width="100%"></iframe></p>
(I just took out the <p>  </p> and that did not fix it)

I can get to the missing annotation from here (and it was an exemplar), but that is the long way about
or here

Now if I go to my Drupal IoCT site, the bottom of this page does have a box and the scroll bar does work
The code I am using is:
<p><iframe frameborder="1" height="400px" scrolling="yes" src="" width="100%"></iframe></p>

Does anyone have an idea why the scroll bar does not work in LT, but works in Drupal?


Dr. Robert E. Belford
UALR Department of Chemistry
501 569-8824