Style Guide #Formatting


Thanks for the recommendations Paul.

Seeburger, Paul (Mathematics)



I can't address all your questions, but I would recommend using Latex for variables instead of italics.


And if you don't know about this page, it may be useful:


I also would recommend using Figure numbers (using \PageIndex{1} ) and captions wherever possible.




I was doing some cleaning up in equation formatting etc. and wondered if there was a style guide somewhere. I had the following specific questions but if there isn't already a style guide I would be happy to start one and compile some of items in the forum as well.
  • What is the capitalization style for headings (H1, H2, and H3)?
  • When should italics be used versus invoking LaTeX for variables?
  • When should a superscript be used for a unit on the bottom of a fraction and when should a / be used?
  • When should items be capitalized in tables?
  • When should figures have a Figure label with a number?