Labeling Equations #Equations #Formatting

Christina Yeo

Thank you so much!

Dorte Madsen

Strange, I thought I replied to this already but it doesn't seem to show so my apologizes if this ends up being a double answer:

Yes, please DO change the format to the Libretexts format. 

Part of the strength of integrating texts from various sources is that we standardize the format so books can be mixed and matched as instructors see fit so it is important to keep a consistent equation numbering. 

MAKE SURE you use the "\ref" command when you reference equations, DO NOT ENTER THE NUMBER when you reference an equation. If you reference an equation by the number (e.g. 2.1.3) it will no longer be referenced correct if an instructor use that page in a different part of their book.  Check this page to see how to properly reference equations and let me know if you have problems or more questions

Christina Yeo

When I add a displayed formula ($$...$$), libretexts labels the equation automatically for me, but it's different from the labels in the original textbook and I'm not sure if that's okay and how to change it. The book references back to the equations, like "according to equation 2.3..." but it's labeled as 2.1.3, so I've been changing the reference to match the labels that I have, but again I'm not sure if that's okay :(