display error #mathjax

Dorte Madsen

Also note that \displaystye should not be used here, find details on when to use that code here (section "when editing math pages")


Dorte Madsen

Hi Diana,
The (%) confuses things, I think. I am not sure what you goal is but try
\[\text{Output Gap (%)} = \frac {Y - Y_P}{Y_P} \times \:100\]
and let me know if that is what you are after 



I am having trouble getting an equation to display correctly, and I don't know whether it's a site error or my own mistake in the code. I have attached images of my code and the display below. Thank you!

my code: 
\[\text{Output Gap}(%) = \displaystyle\frac {Y - Y_P}{Y_P} \times \:100\]

view the image for the displayed code.