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Robert Belford

I set up a "general information" section for a lab manual where material can be reused in multiple experiments,

This is my section 0.4.3 for Absorbance Spectroscopy,

I used the dekiscript for content reuse to embed the "absorbance spectroscopy" section into this place, but changed the heading from H2 to H3, as I wanted this in the background section of the experiment.

I have two questions
(1)  The first image of the transculded section has index (1) on the source page, but there is an image above it in the second page, and so I have two figure 1 images on the page with the experiment.  My question is if you transclude a section, do you lose control over the image number, the x in \(\PageIndex{x}\) of the page you are transcluding?

(2) are there other reasons you would not want to transclude a page into part of a different page?  My thoughts are techiques like using a pipet could be written in the general info section, and then transcluded into each experiment that uses them. Or should I just reference the general section page.  My concern is I have students who will not leave the lab page they are doing, and who will not remember things like proper pipetting techniques.

Any ideas/suggestions?


Dr. Robert E. Belford
UALR Department of Chemistry
501 916-6540

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