Re: Videos integrated into Applied Calculus by David Lippman, Dale Hoffman, Shana Calaway

Delmar Larsen

We are starting to look at an internal solution to stream videos where we can:

  1. Ensure the video's integrity is preserved (it doesn't get taken down) and
  2. Not monetize the videos (e.g. ads).

The system we are looking at is a modified drupal/H5P interface that would resemble our H5P repo server (

The downside is that if a video is not owned by a user that it must be OER to embed inside this new system. That means many youtube videos cannot be harvested into this new system. But, nothing says that we cannot keep on co-using youtube.

I will know more about this in the near future.


On 11/21/2021 10:26 AM, Seeburger, Paul (Mathematics) wrote:

The issue with the videos in the Lippman Applied Calculus text is that they are currently hosted on a site without https security, so they are not loading (at least in Chrome).


I was able to download the first video on the following page, upload it to my area of the LibreTexts DigitalOceans server and made it work.



But, I am not sure it's best to place these videos in my "bucket" on this site.  I think they should be hosted in a more general area that others could access, add to and curate.


It may be helpful to have it organized by discipline, course and textbook, so it's easy to locate these videos that may correspond to various textbooks in the LibreText collection.


I'd be glad to have access to this new "server"/"bucket" on the DigitalOceans site to add some of these videos and at least be able to curate them.


But it seems that this process of downloading videos from the current hosting site, uploading them to our server and then adjusting the URLs in the sections of this textbook would be a great project for a student to do, with some oversight to verify that they are getting it to work well.


By the way, who created this integration of the videos into the textbook?  I can find the PDF of this textbook but it does not have any mention of the videos.  I see there are videos mentioned in the Lumen Learning platform, but I don't know if the videos were integrated into the book there or not.  Perhaps whoever did the original integration might have an interest in this project, and perhaps they might have access to a faster way of transferring the videos to our server than downloading and uploading them one at a time.


Are there many other books in our libraries that have videos integrated into them like this?  It looks pretty nice in this book, from what I have seen so far.





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