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Preeti Chitre

thank you

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From Paul Seeburger:

Hello, Preeti!

I'll be glad to give you some direction on these.

At this point, I'd like to see the exercise sets collected in one page at the end of each chapter, although those in Chapter 3 seem to be at the end of each section.  If these are unedited, you can pull those out to a single page like the others, if you have time.

Then for each set, please number the problems consecutively starting at 1.  I believe every odd question in this book has an answer.  Please place these in hidden Answer code below each question where a solution is provided.

See the OpenStax Calculus Chapter 5 Exercises for an example:

Although not every section is fully edited, it is mostly done.  I've been working on that one.

I've noticed that the editing can be slow when using the whole chapter's exercises at once, so feel free to create Section by Section exercise pages first (maybe in the Homework Exercises area), and then copy and paste (or transclude) them together into a single page.  In fact, this sounds like a good plan... with the transclusion step making it easier to keep them edited, but also providing the sets in both individual and combined formats.

Also see the "When Editing Math Pages" guidelines on the following page:

Let me know if you have any questions.  I have two professors desiring to edit and adapt this Precalculus book, and one is using it this spring.



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I will ask Paul to tell you his vision for exercises since they are more his than mine right now.


On 2/11/2019 1:50 PM, Preeti Chitre wrote:
I believe I worked on this project for a couple of days only - you shifted me to a different project that was urgent at that time. 

I was trying to look up in the earlier chapters for guidance on format for integrating the exercises, but there is no particular format. For chapter 1, there is an Exercise section where all the end-of-the-section exercises for ch.1 are integrated. However, each exercise is done as a separate exercise block. 

There is no exercise section for ch.2 and ch.3. The exercises have been dumped at the end of each section and not formatted. 

But the rest of the chapters have exercises section. So I will continue with that. Is there a standard format for numbering the individual exercise? I remember in some earlier projects I had followed format of Q1 and S1and all the questions were listed first and the solutions later.
Let me know what format to follow. 

Thank you.
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