Re: Rimixed Page Not Forking #transclusion

Seeburger, Paul (Mathematics)


Section 6.2 is the first section in the OpenStax book that contains CalcPlot3D dynamic figures.  These are already included in this page as content reuse links.

Perhaps this is causing the trouble.

I'm not quite sure why though, as it should work and should be fixed so that it will work, keeping the content reuse links that are in the source page as they were there.

I'd normally say we should ask Henry... but now he's no longer available.

Delmar, do you know is this is the issue?  And possibly how to fix it?



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I remixed the OpenStax Calculus book and successfully forked and edited many sections, but when I got to section 6.2:
(or 2.3 in my sandbox version:
it gives me the following error after clicking in the Fork icon:
"Cannot read property '0' of null"
Any ideas what might be the issue?

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