Re: PDF print issues

Suzanne Wakim

We sent the link to our print shop.  One of their responses is below.  

It errored out at the same page that I’ve mention to Julie also.  At the bottom of the page, it reads 5/23/2021 7.2.2.  Attached are the files how it errors out from one to another.  Also the number of pages that it stop in our Fiery print que.  I’m not so sure what it is but it stop at the same page as the one Julie submitted to me.  Maybe the file is a view only and non-printable?  I don’t know, you might want to ask IT here on campus?  Maybe the publisher and the format they save it as? 

Things I've already tested:
- The print shop tried saving directly from LibreTexts and had the same issue.  They tried all the pdf options and they all had the same issue. [I think, this is what they told us and I believe them, but I don't have definitive proof].   So, I don't think it's the PDF we created.
- I tried sending a different OneDrive link, and that still had the same issue.  So, I don't think it's an issue with OneDrive settings.

Things I still need to try:
- I exported the PDF to Word and will see if they can print the Word file on Monday. 
- The main issue I have is I don't have a printer at home to test this on. But, I trust our print shop folks. I think there is something about this specific pdf that isn't letting them print. This is my last guess left - that there is something about how the pdfs are generated that is causing the error.

Thank you for your help.

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