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Delmar Larsen

On 7/18/2021 6:55 AM, Robert Belford wrote:
Hi All,

I am developing a lab manual and want to integrate a glossary into it while developing it.  What is the best way to do that?  I understand the glossary is in the back matter, and that is created when the book is compiled.  But should you compile a book that is being developed?  Also, I thought you could compile a book by the icon next to PDF/readability, but I am not seeing it.

It is when your account is set for giving you that permission.

My real question is what is the best practice for integrating a glossary while building a lab manual?  I was thinking I could just copy an existing one, and then modify the table to fit my needs.  So my second question is where is a good general chemistry glossary?

I have several already put together for gen chem that you can work with. Give me a day to find where they are.



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