Re: Basic question about building a book

Josh Halpern

There is a button that has to be switched (see attached gif) ;)


On Sat, Jul 17, 2021 at 9:30 AM Suzanne Wakim <wakimsu@...> wrote:
I am building a book from scratch and ran into an oddity when I create chapters.  The first page of the chapters look different (I've attached an image showing this).  They are both "chapters" and the same code shows up when I click "edit" - {{template.ShowOrg()}}

The only difference is that chapter 1 was created from the sandbox and chapter 6 from the remixer.  But, I have another chapter that was built from the remixer that looks like chapter 1 (and others that looks like chapter 6).  What am I doing differently and how do I get them all to be the same?

Josh Halpern

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