Re: Definition lists and toggling #Formatting

Delmar Larsen

This only affects your view as a developer.

We will likely swtich to a different technology and use a bot to change it on all books, but probably sometime this summer after the quarter/year is over and we can breathe a little bit.


On 5/3/2021 10:56 PM, Anna Mills wrote:
Whoa!  I cannot believe the number of tools in LibreTexts.  But this won't change the default for the page, will it?  When I reload the definitions go away again.  Maybe I should use something else since it's not really a definition list--I want a header for the item but I don't want to skip header levels and I don't want it show up in the TOC.

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Your wish is our command.. .and we had it already. Check under "Developers" side panela nd then "Reveal Answers


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