Re: Sample textbook with H5P exercises throughout? #H5P

Delmar Larsen


Brian's bookshelves book has the H5P problems embedded formatively:

It is set summatively in his Campus Hub book (since you have to log in to see the problems and couple to a gradebook).

For Spanish, there are several OERI teams (and a LibreNet team) that have build H5P problems into their texts:

Caren Parish and others is working on a French text:

There are other texts too (a chemistry one, ESL, a nutrition book, nursing, and others), but I need to dig up their URLs. Most of these text are from OERI sponsored teams.

We will be setting up a H5Pstudio instance like that that eCampus Ontario has (, which is a lot more powerful and easier to work with than the simple WordPress instance. I hope this will be operational in a few months.


On 4/12/2021 10:44 AM, Anna Mills wrote:
I know Brian Lindfield has done amazing work creating a Nutrition textbook with H5P exercises, and there are others too, like a Spanish one, right?  Is there a sample that I could look at?  I think the Nutrution one is not public because it's connected to the homework system?
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