Transculding challenges #transclusion #remix

Mark Baillie

Dear all,

I have generated a LibreText course, for a week long workshop that is run around the country. It is currently under “Bookshelves” in Social Sciences:

I tried using the Remixer University to take a couple of category from the course above, and put it in another location with the name “Test Transclude", but it appears that it is copied, not transcluded. Does anyone have suggestions for how to avoid copying and instead transcluding?

Here is a screenshot of the end product, which looks like it is not linked to the original. 

When I click “edit”, it looks like a normal page that I can edit, which I don’t think is supposed to happen when properly transcluding, correct?

I think it should have the trasnclude symbol by the title like this image in the remixer instructions:

Thanks for your help in figuring out how to properly transclude!

Mark Baillie, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry, Assistant Professor
STEM Education Center, STRIVE Program Director
University of Arkansas at Little Rock

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