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Anna Mills

Hi Bob,
This is amazing--thank you for sharing!  I think I will need to spend some time to digest it even partly.  
I am really intrigued by the idea of using Hypothesis to stimulate student research and allow them to share related sources and tie them to particular points in a text.  I haven't done much with tagging in Hypothesis yet, so I need to learn more about that.

Did you ever create a private instructor-only feedback group?  I am dreaming about having instructors share teaching strategies, feedback and reflections related to specific content.

For student comments, I use (and also Perusall) with the Canvas LMS integration for the moment.  It is wonderful for stimulating in-class discussion since I can reference student comments and ask them to elaborate.

Thanks for taking the time to lay all of this out for us!

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Hi Anna and all,

Here is a link to where I introduce to my general chemistry class, and there is a YouTube that introduces both LibreText and to my students, and shows two paradigms for using  Unfortunately, there was some "upgrade" (or something) to mindtouch, and it broke some of the functions that I use.

 I just contacted the people at to see if they can help out, but right now the annotations are not showing in Libretext, but they show on other sites.  I'd be glad to communicate more, and have used the annotations in more complex courses that were co-taught across several campuses.  I could easily give you a whirlwind tour on Zoom,  but because they are private groups, I'd have to add you to each group to see, (I probably have thirty of them by now) and it would be quicker to just show it on Zoom.

Here is an article from before we had integrated into Libretext that goes over the differences between annotations and  web 2.0 Blog-type comments,

Here is one after we integrated it into LibreText, but this is really about the intercollegiate courses, (that evolved into ones being hosted on LibreText)

Right now I am using to flip one of my classes in LibreText. There are only 17 students in that class and to date they have made 339 annotations on the class LibreText.


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Very cool! Thanks!

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