Attributions #Licensing #referencing


I have a couple of questions about attributions, and think that the forum might work better than Officer Hours?  We'll see!

First, I'm building my Remix Map, and it looks like that I'll be combining a couple of other authors' Pages in many sections.  From my understanding, I'll use one Page as the primary one, then fork it and copy/paste from another authors' Page.  How do I make sure that the second author gets attributed?

Second, I'm curious about attributions when I radically change someone else's Page.  Will it still be attributed to them?  How should I show attribution to myself?  If I change it so much that it's not recognizable as their prior work, what should the attribution look like?  

Thanks for any help or suggestions!
Michelle Oja, Ph.D.
Taft College
Behavioral Statistics (Statistics for the Social Sciences)

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