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Henry Agnew

As a precursor: We currently have SSO support being tested for Mindtouch, Adapt, and Student Analytics.

(1) We are rolling this out gradually across the libraries in the next two weeks. SSO for Mindtouch editing is Opt-In. SSO replaces your existing login so no issues with different old passwords.
(2) We are beta student use this with Delmar's 2BH class right now for Analytics collection and with Adapt. So far so good.
(3) Neither Hypothesis nor Notabene at this time have SSO capabilities, but we will ask them to add SSO to their roadmaps.

For your real main question of hypothesis iframing, here is an old response from Robert Knight at Hypothesis:
"The Hypothesis client avoids this issue by making login happen in a popup, but we haven't done that for yet because that page is not currently designed to be embedded. For the moment you will need to create an external link which opens in a top-level tab, unless you are OK with the user being anonymous. "

If hypothesis added a login popup (with or without sso) to  like they did with their sidebar, then this would solve the cookie issue.

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On Wed, Jan 6, 2021 at 11:36 AM Robert Belford <rebelford@...> wrote:
Hi all and pardon my cross posting

I have some questions on Single Sign On

(1) Does it go across libraries, and what are the issues with my account having different logins for different libraries (I had to use a different password for ADAPT and QUERY).

(2) will it be advanced enough for my students this Spring?

(3) Is there integration?  I have been having issues with aggregating tags on the bottom of Libretext pages and these seem to be sign on issues (signing into, and I was wondering if the SSO would include that, or maybe something has been done with the sign-in to that causes the issue.  I can sign into the overlay, no problem, but when I go to the frame I set up to aggregate annotations it says, "Sorry, but your session has expired. Please go back and try again"  but I am still logged in.  But my real question is about SSO.

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