Re: [EXTERNAL] [Libretexts-ConstructionForum] FYI: Glossaries are live on LibreTexts

Grewal, Mandeep

Thank you for your hard work, Delmar.

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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [Libretexts-ConstructionForum] FYI: Glossaries are live on LibreTexts

Dear all:


The first active draft of the glossary has been activated on the LibreTexts platform.



 You may notice in compiled texts, that a "Glossary" page was added to your textbooks’ Back Matter. This is how you edit, add, and curate your textbooks' glossary.




If you edit the glossary page (with proper permission), you will see an example table and a "production table" and all authors need to do is add their glossaries to each line. Once active (in a week or two), then every term that is in the table/glossary will generate a tool tip (the hovering box). I add three of your existing glossary entries into this new glossary.



There are read-level controls for the glossary on the side panel (via "application" to be renamed "tools" in a few days). There you can turn it off or switch to other community glossaries. Users can turn the glossary off or (eventually) highlight the terms in different ways (e.g., underlined, highlighted etc).


The other thing will go live is access to community glossaries. Where users can switch to different glossaries if desired (e.g., from a professional source, if open). The next step from that is that we can pull from these libraries to make custom textbook localize glossaries that will remove entries if terms are not found in the book (or not - fully operational).



Feedback is desired, but we already have a few issues to address. This will be a WIP for several months as it scales up to something very powerful. We intend to slowly go through to update existing textbook's glossaries or collect existing glossary from other OER sources. This makes it easy to just adopt an existing library and simplify augmenting your books into the "Textbooks of the Future". We have a scraper in place to extract them from OpenStax and Noba books among others.

More information will be forthcoming and eventually added to the Construction Guide. I just wanted to give a heads up.

Feel free to ask any questions. This has been in the works for awhile


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