Re: Interesting things happening...why??

Henry Agnew

Hmm the grey box usually indicates that the Mindtouch platform believes it is a broken/inaccessible image, even though when looking at the page normally we see them.

I see you had a previous thread going. Could you verify that all of these assertions are true?
  1. As far as you know, there have never been problems when viewing directly on the site.
  2. When viewing in Canvas, it used to be fine but stopped working.
  3. The issue remains broken unless you update the file, at which point it works again.
Assertion (2) would indicate that the iframing process may be generating the issue (various CORS issues), but this doesn't explain why updating the file fixes it. What would be most useful for me I think would be next time you see the issue would be to send me a screenshot of the Browser console (F12) since it should list any problems such as CORS. If this issue still isn't solvable, I am available for a Zoom so that I can see the issue and debug it directly.

At least with my Windows 10 computer with Chrome Version Version 84.0.4147.135 and then 85.0.4183.83, I was unable to personally replicate the issue both normally and when viewing through Canvas even though the issue obviously exists.

Let me know about this information and then we can move forward with debugging this!
-Henry Agnew

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