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Patrick McClanahan

Captions....I just need to know the html syntax - I tried and it made a I have something messed dup in my head about how the syntax works.

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  • Captions: Texts under an image to be wrapped together within a <figure> block. This is indicated via <figcaption</figcaption> sub-blocks. When you add a Figure template (under elements), the complete block is added.
  • Attributions: We use a "thin attributions" format for images. (License; Author vai Source) after the caption text (same line). Ideally, License, Author and Source are hyperlinks. Our bot can add the hyperlink to the caption if you use standard Creative Commons license forma (e.g., CC BY-SA 4.0 or CC BY-NV-SA 4.0); no need to be too rigid as we will get logical permutations. We will start this bot in a month or so
  • Alt-texts: Description for the visually impaired. This is a 140 character text added to the img code. You can access this by double clicking on the image to get the image properties and pasted in. Alternatively, you can add to the HTML directly.
Ideally, you will want all three of these. Which one are you asking about and I can try to make it easy for you.

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