Re: How to nip erroneous content in the bud?


Oh no, I thought that looked familiar. I made the graphic for my 2012 Chemistry 2C extra credit assignment, and another student wrote the text. The original page was named "Nomenclature for Coordination Complexes" but I'm not sure where exactly it is now on the site.

Our source was the course textbook:
  • General Chemistry: Principles and Modern Applications, by Petrucci et. al.   
  • Chapter 21: Complex Ions and Coordination Compounds    
  • Section 21-3: Nomenclature    
  • Page 915
Rule 5 on that page says:
When we write the formula of a complex, the chemical symbol of the metal center is written first, followed by the formulas of anions and then neutral molecules. If there are two or more different anions or neutral molecules as ligands, they are written in alphabetical order according to the first chemical symbols of their formulas. Thus, in the formula of the tetraaminechloronitrito-N-cobalt(III) ion, Cl- precedes NO2-, and both are placed ahead of the neutral NH3 molecules: [CoCl(NO2)(NH3)4]+.
But the page starts with the caveat that "Even today, usage varies somewhat. Our approach will be to consider a few general rules," so maybe the authors had a style they liked that wasn't completely standard? (Or we could have misinterpreted something; it's been a while since I took the class.)

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