category question

Robert Belford

I am trying to include a welcome message on a category page, but can't get the LibreText background to disappear, even if I use a template like NOTE (which I am doing).  Here is the page

I tried text background (see the lines below the "show categories") with different size and used spaces before/after lines, but it is ugly!

I wish to put a "welcome message" on this category, and maybe a "Forward" to the entire course.  I can do that in a Guide, no problem, but the background of the category is really annoying.  How do we get rid of it, or embed an object that we can type text in?  The only other thing I can think of is to use an image of the text, but that does not seem the smart way to do this.

But we are announcing this on several lists, and need to make the landing page explain what the course is about (and what an OLCC is).



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