Contour integral symbol not displaying in equations #mathjax

Sadia Mahtaban

The contour integral symbol does not display when used in equations. The Latex code shows correct when using Mathpix, but on the Libretext page, double and triple contour integrals do not display the symbols. The code and page pics are attached.
Link to page

0.5 \oiint_{\mathrm{A}} \overline{\mathrm{\underline S}} \bullet \hat{n} \mathrm{da}+\oiiint_{\mathrm{V}}\left[\left\langle\mathrm{P}_{\mathrm{d}}(\mathrm{t})\right\rangle+2 \mathrm{j} \omega\left(\mathrm{W}_{\mathrm{m}}-\mathrm{W}_{\mathrm{e}}\right)\right] \mathrm{d} \mathrm{v}=0

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