Re: #Formatting #referencing #Formatting #referencing


On Fri, Jul 17, 2020 at 03:03 PM, <blindsh@...> wrote:
For the first page, it looks like the pathways are formatted as a definition list. The easiest way to fix it would be to just get rid of that - highlight the list, go to Elements, and click Definition List, and it should remove that formatting. (Unless you're asking how to edit the HTML/CSS/whatever controls that behavior?)

For the second page, you could try removing the http:// part of the link so you just have something like this:

For the third page, it looks like those words are formatted as headings. There's a heading section in the toolbar you can use to change them back to normal text, if you don't mind doing that manually for each word. (Unless you're asking how to change the heading formatting so it looks different?)

For the last question, do you have a page with an example?

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