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Josh Halpern

Sorry about that, it was not right. The problem was that there are chapters without pages 1. About MoSI and 2 People. If you remix so that there is a chapter 1. About MoSI and it has two pages 1.1 About MoDI and 1.2 people, then it works. I can do it for you if you wish

Josh Halpern

On Fri, Jul 17, 2020 at 4:27 PM Joshua Halpern <jhalpern@...> wrote:
Hi,  I think I found the issue

To change that, 

Goto (old FORTRAN programmer) Page Setting in

and select detailed for the category listing display (the radio button right under the icon (you should compess your icons a bit for a better display . Took the liberty of doing that

Josh Halpern 

On Fri, Jul 17, 2020 at 3:48 PM Mark Baillie <mtbaillie@...> wrote:
I’ll also tag on to your thread here about Remixer challenges (I hope thats ok). 

When I remixed from this page:

I ended up with a clone that doesn’t show the chapters on the main page unless I am logged in with my personal account.

Any idea why that is? Almost seems like a privelidge access issue, but I haven’t put any restriction on the page.

Also, even when I do see the chapter pages (when logged in to my account), the chapters don’t show the pages within the chapters from the book view. Here is the original page that I remixed from (see red circles for the preview of what’s inside the chapter): 

And the remixed page when logged in:

Is there a preference to turn on to get the chapter squares to show the preview of what pages are within the chapter?

Mark Baillie, Ph.D.
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On Jul 17, 2020, at 12:39 PM, Kevin Gilmore <kg021@...> wrote:

I am a new user and am working my way through the Construction Guide. After putting together a partial remix map for a course, I created a new remix and pushed it into my sandbox as a Course Shell to see how the initial sections were taking shape. But, many of the images are not showing up. Here is the link for the shell...

...and here is an example of where the images are not showing up.

If you have suggestions I would appreciate it. Also, my account is created in the Engineering library, but I hope to pull most of the material for this shell from the Chemistry library. It looks like I should have no problems reaching across libraries as long as I continue to reload the New Remix map that I started on. However, if there are reasons I should locate my account/sandbox/shells in the Chemistry library instead, that would probably be good to know now.


Kevin Gilmore
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Bucknell University

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