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I made an account for you on the H5P server (look for an email). The steps need to be a little streamlined, but you can review them here:



On 4/11/2020 6:02 PM, Patrick McClanahan wrote:
Paul - thank you for the reply. I am afraid though that I am not sure how to accomplish either option. When you refer to the "free account", are you referring to a account? NOt sure I understand "the H5P official one or LibreText's account"...I am in need of a bit more detail.

Thanks again...

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You can create it in a free account, either the H5P official one or LibreText’s account, if you have access.  Then we can add it into the LibreText H5P server and link to it from your textbook.




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I just watched the video from Open Education Week. How do I gain the access necessary to publish H5P content in my LibreText courses? Do I need to have a paid account on H5P, or is it enough to work through the LibreText account?


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