Re: Using LibreText development as part of online instruction spring 2020

Dawn Sumner

Hi Delmar,

I"m still trying to use my group study class to develop the textbook, but I need more information.

Also, all of my notes from last year are no longer visible, and my Sed/strat page is linked to an oceanography text book, and other things are messed up. I can find all my old pages, but I can't get them to appear under any of the topic headings. I've tried moving them, but the only way they can be found is going from one article to the next - which at the end jumps to Tessa's oceanography.

It seems like my account gets messed up at the end of every quarter. Is it normal? Or is it because it is a very, very old account with hidden permissions or settings or something?

Thanks with desperation...

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