Using LibreText development as part of online instruction spring 2020

Dawn Sumner

This spring quarter, I'm teaching a 1 unit group study class focused on sedimentology and stratigraphy to help students earn one more unit of credit necessary to obtain a professional license. I have 28 student enrolled. Given the COVID-19 situation, I would like to use this as an opportunity to have students develop materials for an online text book. I have several questions:
  1. Is there a guide or general outline of the steps needed to get a relatively large group of students developing content effectively?
  2. Is it reasonable to be able to do so with no or minimal in-person meetings?
  3. Are there resources to help plan building a textbook from scratch effectively? I have a good idea of the content I want developed, but much less idea of how to coordinate development of that content in a course-based system.
Does anyone have some experience with this type of project? Any advice is appreciated.


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