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Dorte Madsen

This group is very similar to the old Google Group but it has some additional features. 

How to Post
There are two ways you can post to the group, either from the website or via email. 

To post from the website simply select "New Topic" in the left sidebar, enter a title for your post, select the appropriate hashtags (see below), and write your post. 

To post via email use the subject line to indicate the topic of your post and include appropriate hashtags. Send the email to Libretexts-ConstructionForum@groups.io. 

One main difference is that this group allows for hashtags and we will try to use them as productively as possible. I have added some suggested hashtags, try to use them if they are appropriate. If not, feel free to add your own. The nice thing about the hashtags is that if you go to the "# Hashtags" option in the side bar you will see the sorted tagged posts so it is easier to browse the posts to see if your question has already been asked. It is OK to add more than one hashtag if your question covers more than topic. For example, a question about copyright for a figure would be tagged both #figures and #license. 

Set your email preferences
Click on "Subscription" in the left sidebar and select how often you want emails from the group. I recommend that student developers keep the default option of individual messages. 

Edit your profile
I encourage you to update your profile information by clicking on your name in the upper right corner and select "account". Select "identity" in the left sidebar and click on "edit" for your Account Profile (top option). Here you can select a displayname (especially useful if your email doesn't identify you easily), upload a photo if you so desire, and write a few lines about yourself. 


Post your question here using the hashtag #group and I will do my best to answer. 

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