Re: autonum & Templates #Equations #Formatting #referencing #templates

Dorte Madsen

Hi Bob,

a) The formatting difference is because the automatic numbering uses the format from the title. The first example you use has the (correct) title format "11.2: Ion-Dipole Forces" while the second one has a - instead of a . : "14-4: Integrated Rate Law"
Fix the title and the numbering format will be consistent. 

b) I can only answer this partially: Yes, you need a label because that is how the equation is referenced. So for example: 
\[ E=mc^2 \label{EinsteinEq} \]
To reference this equation you have to use the command \ref like this: See equation \ref{EinsteinEq}

Someone else will have to answer the part about referencing across pages, I don't know. 

c) No, you do not need to add anything

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