Re: Problem with transclude and forker functions? #transclusion #bugs

Dorte Madsen

I think the "forking" option should simply appear when you try to edit a transcluded page. I hope that is possible. Ideally it would ask "Do you want to create a copy of the page (i.e. fork the page) or edit the original".

On 11/15/2019 10:00 AM, Seeburger, Paul (Mathematics) wrote:

I agree that these two features need to be working well and consistently. 


I'm ok with changing the location of the fork option, although I have to say that it seems to make more sense to keep it where it is next to the title than to be in the options list.  Maybe we could place two links there (next to the title), one linking to the source and the other to do the fork.


When I see "fork" on the options list, I assume that it means I want to fork the current page (not convert it to a fork of the source I don't see).  I think of it as a copy-full option.


At the very least, I would recommend that the fork option not be included in the Options list for a page that is not itself transcluded.  I think this is just leading to confusion.



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