Re: Problem with transclude and forker functions? #transclusion #bugs

Delmar Larsen <dlarsen@...>

On 11/15/2019 7:44 AM, Kathryn Haas wrote:
1) Forking: Over the last few days I find that the forker button no longer works to fork pages with content re-use. This is a problem for me on both Safari and Chrome browsers.
On which pages? Does the Forker option under the "Options" menu have the effect you expect? I am toying with the idea of switching the forker button next to the icon to a link to the source material instead and use the Forker option on the Options menu instead.

2) During the workshop at SMC yesterday, we noticed that the "copy-transclude" function was also not working.
We are aware of this and probably should disable this option until we get it looking and working like Copy option

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