autonum & Templates #Equations #Formatting #referencing #templates

Robert Belford

I have some questions dealing with autonum and thought I'd post them to the forum.
(a) Why does the first page below show the Figure format of 11.2.2 ,
while this page is formated like 14-2.2

That is one page is #-#.# . while the other is #.#.#

(b)  if we want to link to an equation, do we still need \label{}, if the numbers are being autonumbered anyways?  .... So how do you link to an eq?  Especially if the link is from a different chapter?

(c) The  Template:BoxExercise states: "Add text here. For the automatic number to work, you need to add the "AutoNum" template (preferably at the end) to the page.", is this still needed?
Is there a tutorial on the use of the templates?


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