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I am going to chime in here a bit.  We ran a workshop last week in Fayetteville and the chair of our biology department attended it.  Afterwards he sent me an email, and I do not feel at liberty to forward his email, but I will post a comment that I think is germane to what this conversation could be about.

"At the beginning of your presentation, I wondered whether the author of an open access textbook would be identified and receive professional credit for this effort.  By the end, I was convinced that it represents a significant, creative accomplishment, of great value to students at potentially many institutions, and should weigh heavily and positively in an instructor's evaluation."

My point is that to get upcoming new faculty involved, especially early career faculty, we need to be creative in coming up with ways that help them advance in their home institutions.


On Sun, Nov 3, 2019 at 1:39 PM Seeburger, Paul (Mathematics) <pseeburger@...> wrote:

That's a good idea, Josh.  But I'd recommend having a separate page where we could place links to peer-reviewed books that are substantial improvements (or alterations) of the original books.  It would be nice to have these available by topic/course, although perhaps it might merit a separate area within each library.


I also believe that as we continue to build the libraries, we really need a good way to organize and disseminate new contributions faculty make as they add their own material to supplement various textbooks.  I have begun to place links to my new material in Bookshelves/Calculus/Supplemental Modules area, separated there by topic.


Other faculty contributors can certainly do this too, but it would help to have a plan to encourage this sort of thing to make these contributions more readily accessible to others using the library.


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