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Seeburger, Paul (Mathematics)

Hi, Larry!

As Delmar indicated, the Remixer seems to be working pretty well, and you can choose to copy-fork the whole book if you wish.  If you go to edit a page in your created book and it allows you to edit the text directly, this means that it is in your forked version and your edits there will not affect the source in the Bookshelves area.


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I am trying to remix a textbook (introductory statistics) and then go to the individual pages and add content to a page.  Could someone please explain how to do this?  My goal is to take the static book and bring in multimedia and interactivity.  It is important that I work on a remixed copy rather than on the actual book.  I am pretty sure that this is possible in remixer 2.0's Forker, but I am not even sure if that is up yet as the default.

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