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Athena Kashyap

I confess I’ve been cutting and pasting—is this completely no-no or is it just more time efficient to use the remixer for small jobs?

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The reremixer will allow you to edit your existing text and remix (i.e., bring in) existing content into your book. It will be showcased next week, but my not be ready for primetime for non-admins since it is ...very powerful. That is, one can delete the entire library, so we need to careful look at permissions.

However, that doesn't mean I cannot do it for you (or with you) for now.


On 10/24/2019 8:47 PM, Anna Mills wrote:
Very cool!  Thanks!  Can this be used to bring chapters into my existing book from another book?

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Ont the topic of Remixing. We have been teasing the release of the
Remixer v2.0 for the past month. We can now share a demo version for
mixologists to work with. The more powerful re-remixing capability will
be ready to showcase @ #OpenEd19 on Tuesday (for admins only). You can
check out Henry's magnus opus here:

I am sure he will love to get feedback so feel free to try to break it.


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