<figure> code

Delmar Larsen <dlarsen@...>

I have been asked to explain the significance (impact) of the "new <figure> system" that some of you have noticed on the platform recently.

The <figure> system is the HTML5 code (read that as new/future standard) for semantic representation of images. This allows us to tie in the figure caption to the figure so that they cannot be broken (e.g., by a page break in printing PDFs), which is the primary reason we adopted it. It has several pluses too. It acts as a <div> that we can control over the entire site via CSS which allows for a standardization - this applies to the <figcaption> text that is tied to the <figure> code. It also provides a semantic background for the image so that google and others can tie the figcaption to the figure. We have something similar for each attachment, but this is in the html code directly. That means it is good for SEO and it is where the future lies with online publishing (i.e., most of the web).

I added a modify version of this text with images to the Construction Guide:


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