Re: Why am I not logged in??

Delmar Larsen <dlarsen@...>


We don't have the SSO mechanism in play yet. So, each library has its own authentication. You have an account on the engineering library, but not an account on the chemistry library. The SSO will be used to fix that so one account will work for all. If you need an account(s) on other libraries, let me know and we can set it(them) up for you.


On 8/16/2019 9:46 PM, pbmac wrote:
I noticed that as I work in LibreTexts it opens web pages and I am NOT logged in:
But - when I select LMS button, and the error pops up, I click OK...and it opens a window in the Chem Library
I am not logged in - is this due to the login mechanism in LibreTexts?? I know Delmar has mentioned the single sign in capability often.
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