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I am still updating the chapters; the images are not in properly in all the pages (and only addressing the first 12 chapters).

You can certainly remix now and if you translude those pages in the remixing, the updates to the bookshelves content will be reflected in your customized remix. If you fork, then not.

The problem is that this text has a ND clause on it, which means the best you (or the LibreTexts team) can do for you is allow you to reorganize the content. But, you cannot edit the content (other than superficial typsetting). To do more we/you need to get permission from the original author or (I think) if we fork your remix and hide it from public view, I think you can customize it for your purposes for your class- I need to review the license careful before I give the thumbs up for that.

Sorry, the ND clause is a real pain in the arse for the OER community and conflicts greatly with the LibreTexts philosophy.



On 8/14/2019 3:17 PM, pbmac wrote:
So I had an OER imported into LibreTexts...its there, I can do with it whatever I want.

I do NOT want to use all of the material that is in the original book. So, is it better to edit the book that was imported - OR - remix it grabbing ONLY the sections that I want to use in my course, and edit those as needed?

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