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Robert Belford

Should we not use italics in captions?

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On 8/10/2019 2:23 PM, Robert Belford wrote:
Hi All,

Please go to,

and scroll down to activity 2,4,1, InChILayersExplorer.

Now maybe I am just fatigued and losing my mind, but it seems like
\(\PageIndex{}\) is not working in a template box, although I would
have thought I would have noticed that earlier. But I may not have
used them in boxes, as most of my "exercises" were shorter than this,
which I renamed as an activity, as I am sort of trying to walk through
how to hack a spreadsheet.....

Am I missing something obvious?
You just had some residual HTML in your latex so mathjax couple figure
out what to do (likely your italics). If that happens, 90% of the time
if you just clear the formating it will work.

What should I do?

Also, any input on embedding JSmol features like hack-a-mol, I am
embedding this from some guy in the UK and not Bob Hanson, which is
really bad, and thus only temporary.
Will take a look.


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